We offer track support at all Southwest SCCA and NASA races. We travel to select out of division races and NASA and SCCA national championships.

Spec Miata track-side support for all Southwest Division SCCA and NASA Texas race events will be available on a per-day basis providing the following services:

  • Tire and brake wear management.
  • Fueling for each session and all fluids maintained.
  • Pit row tire monitoring.
  • Driver /car review after each session to determine how to optimize for next session.
  • Minor crash dash damage repair, minor mechanical repairs between sessions.
  • Tuning Chassis to track conditions and minor set up adjustments.
  • Water and sports drinks provided.

Cost $200.00 per day excluding fuel, fluids and parts. Advanced booking is necessary so I can schedule qualified track-side personnel for the weekend.

We will strive to carry a supply of track-side parts and products. Parts and products will include:

  • Cobalt brake pads.
  • Brake rotors.
  • Calipers.
  • Motul brake fluid.
  • BG Products and fluids.
  • GRE race prepped front hubs.
  • Suspension parts.
  • Many common Mazda parts.

The following items are not part of track-side support:

  • Full chassis set ups will not be provided for non-support costumers.
  • Pre-race maintenance is not included in Track Support; your car should arrive prepped and ready to race.
  • Major mechanical repairs, i.e. transmission, clutch, engine replacement will be billed at a fair hourly rate.
  • Major crash repairs requiring over three hours will be billed at a fair hourly rate.
  • Out of division races requiring extended travel will be billed at a higher predetermined rate.

Transport service and arrive and drive services are also available. Please contact us for details.


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