Race Car Preparation, Setup, Scaling, Pre-race Inspection and MaintenanceWinning Races starts in the shop.

We do complete Spec Miata and Ford Mustang chassis setup, all mechanicals and pre-race prep.

Chassis Setup and Scaling:

Setups are track specific and driving-style specific for your needs. Setup Includes: ride height, caster, camber, toe, and corner weights. Average Cost $250

Pre-Race Inspection and Maintenance:

Pre-race maintenance includes brake and hub inspections, chassis component inspections, nut and bolt inspection, all fluids changed. $100 + fluids.

We also offer:

  • Race prepped front hubs.
  • Power steering rack de-powering conversions.
  • Airflow meter tuning.
  • Rear caliper ebrake removal.
  • Dyno tuning on a Dyno Dynamics (eddy current chassis dyno).

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